About Us

We make everything to our fantastic treasured own recipes. Longer, slower cooking methods and experienced passionate staff. Some of our classics are traditional, proven and delicious.

Others challenge tradition, creating refreshingly scrumptious variations on conventional compositions.

Our difference is – food made real good.

Our Story

All started in 1982 when Nicole and Colin Church were inspired to create MaCuisine, working with rare passion to bring jams, preserves and sauces to Kenyans.

Since then the food & drink landscape evolved at a pace, from the way we cook, shop, eat out, bring food & drink experiences into our homes.

In May 2021 Bio Food on a quest for great taste acquired MaCuisine to refine and expand its range, texture and quality of jams, sauces, condiments, preserves, ketchups and mayonnaises.

Pride is our promise

If ‘traditional methods’ weren’t good enough, we had to challenge convention, put a twist on the classics, step beyond the ‘mere ordinary’ to create ‘extraordinary’.

By developing precious home-grown recipes, sourcing the finest ingredients and helping our team with technology and technique; we achieved the difference.

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